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Things that one should consider regarding any OTF switchblade:
Let’s cut to the chase; deterrence and tactical ability are the sole purpose of any Front knives (Out The Front knife). One does not buy such a knife to slice and dice in the kitchen, nor does one purchase an out-of- front opening knife to be used as a regular-all-purpose pocket knife. Therefore, when thinking about walking around with that thing, one should consider the following:

  • All Front knives are dangerous to their users and others. Most of Front knives do not come with a safety device. But it does take 9lbs of pressure to fire it so it will not go off in your pocket.
  • There are two main Front knives categories: the most common are armed automatically (pop-in pop-out) and a not so common; the armed manually. The first is very convenient; the latter is more powerful.
  • The blade wobbles in most Front knives because of the very nature of that firing system, even the prestigious CONCORD wobbles a bit.
  • The out of front is a delicate firing system; misuse the knife and chances are that it will fall apart.

The Bottom Line: Think responsibility and close tactical emergency when purchasing an Out The Front OTF knife. Do not leave it lying around, it is not a letter opener, nor is it an appropriate device to cure one’s nails.

These are good quality but because of the way idiots behave I have to put a warning. Knives are meant to open, use and then close. Not open and close for your bullshit pyscho nonsense behavior, however I understand that some of you are insane and have problems with OCD, we call this CLICK THEROPY, it is a common disease with knife owner's to have some notion that they need to open and close things for no reason other than to play and be obsessive compulsive and manic. Now if you do this with OTF models you will heat the spring up and it will break over time, most times it breacks at the connection and so you need to re-attach it if this happens to you and your bullshit behavior. Most importantly you can also stretch the spring out, which will weaken it and cause it not to be able to have enough force to deploy and lock the blade open. If this happens it is a simple fix and you need to sand down the base of the blade.






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